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HighRevApplications empowers businesses to build feature rich mobile apps in under 2-weeks and for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.


Our customers on average save

$120,000 on App
Development Costs

Using our robust mobile app development platform

We Build Your App

You Build Your Business

Our platform takes care of all the complicated
parts so you don't have to.

Your App, Your Brand

We offer all the tools and features you need to connect with your on-the-go customers, keep them coming back, and increase your sales.

  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers by rewarding them for choosing your store time and time again.

  • Loyalty Rewards
  • In-App Purchasing
  • In-App Purchasing
  • Stay open 24/7 and make purchasing more convenient all within a few taps.

  • Push Notifications
  • Push Notifications
  • Send notifications to instantly grab your customers' attention and show them what your business has to offer.

  • In-App Coupons
  • In-App Coupons
  • Give your customers extra incentive! Better deals for them, more business for you!

  • Quick Directions
  • Quick Directions
  • Make it easier than ever for customers to find your business location.

Reach your customers where they are…on their phones

Mobile apps are a proven winning mobile marketing tool.

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