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Secure Websites

With cyber attacks making headlines on a regular basis, I wanted to share some data and a solution to this digital epidemic. Today, over 9 million websites are currently hacked or infected, many times without the site owner even knowing. It is imperative, both for your business, as well as your customers, to have your…
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That’s right! What a clever name for the perfect dog-treat/jerky company. We’re very excited to finally get the opportunity to redesign this amazing companies website! We have just started working on it yesterday and there is still plenty left to be done but so far things are looking great! If you still have no idea…
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New Look v3

After many years we have finally decided to redesign and launch our new website. High Rev Applications was exclusively an app company that specialized in FEC (Family Entertainment Center) mobile applications for iOS and Android, but after many successful app campaigns we’ve decided to finally branch out and start expanding by offering full-service web-design to…
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