5 Reasons Your Family Entertainment Center Needs a Mobile Application

The Family Entertainment Center industry is a fast-paced environment. Keeping up with trends and offering your customers new and exciting attractions and services is the only way to stay ahead of the curve. One important service that many FECs lack are mobile applications. As the majority of today’s consumers are smartphone users, it is a no-brainer for FECs to have a well-maintained and functional mobile app.

Mobile apps cater to a wide range of demographics from children, to young adults, and parents. In 2019, the Pew Research Center reported that the overwhelming majority of Americans from 18-49 years old own smartphones and Common Sense Media reported that 69% of 12 year-old children have smartphones as well.

If these staggering figures are not enough to convince you of the importance of utilizing mobile apps, please consider our Top 5 reasons mobile apps allow FECs to thrive.

1) Broaden your reach and remain visible to your customers
As more and more indoor FECs have opened in recent years, maintaining visibility and reaching new customers has become increasingly important.

Smartphones are one-stop devices that people use for nearly everything they do in life. Most people use a variety of apps and scroll through icons to find them. Those app icons will include your company’s name and logo if and when you build an app. This means your business stays visible to your customers, and the next time they plan a fun day out with friends or family, they will be consistently reminded of your park.

2) Maintain a direct marketing channel
Many business owners wonder whether they need a mobile app when they already have a website. The easy answer is, yes, especially for FECs. The truth is, most customers enjoy the convenience of having the content they are looking for at the touch of a button. With mobile apps, customers have quick and convenient access to your content. More importantly, your app allows you to send messages and push notifications directly to your customers.

Push notifications are one of the most business-friendly features of a mobile app. You can use push notifications to inform customers about your latest promos and offers. Your catchy notifications about limited-time deals or exclusive coupons will help your customers plan their next visit to your business.

3) Offer more value to your customers
Most people who download your app are likely existing customers. The goal of your app is to keep them interested in your business, which you can offer to loyal patrons through your app.

Apps are useful tools for creating loyalty programs where customers can earn points and rewards for visiting your FEC. When customers view their progress and rewards in real-time on their mobile app, your FEC will keep continue to draw their interest.

In addition to be environmentally friendly, your app will also store customer records digitally and prevent issues caused by the loss of printed redemption cards.

Mobile apps also add a new level of convenience for new and returning customers alike. Apps allow customers to easily purchase tickets, secure reservations, book parties, and even sign digital waivers. These features streamline your customer’s experience by ensuring they arrive at your facility ready to experience your attractions without the long lines.

4) Better customer service and engagement
Aside from the unique marketing opportunities offered by a mobile app, they also provide Family Entertainment Centers the opportunity to maintain a good rapport with customers. App communication functions ensure that customers feel they are always able to reach your staff and avoid busy phone lines that cause frustration and bad reviews.

Add informative features to your app such as a “Frequently Asked Questions” and provide convenient contact information so your park is always at their fingertips.

Apps encourage your customers to visit your park. Set up a map feature that allows them to easily navigate customers to your park. Take full advantage of the push notifications and use them to send important announcements such as new equipment at your facility or update them about new business hours during special events or holidays.

5) Boost the recognition and appeal of your brand
Considering the age range of the target market for Family Entertainment Centers, making your brand appear trendy and modern is very important. Importantly, companies that don’t have a functional and appealing mobile app risk appearing outdated to their modern audience.

Mobile apps help your business remain on your customer’s radar and adding useful features help your FEC differentiate itself from your competition. Once your app has impressed and brought your brand to the forefront of your customer’s minds, you will begin to develop unique, organic advertising through word-of-mouth.

What more incentive do you need?

FECs are special because kids make lifelong memories at your park. They can also be places where important moments among friends and families are shared. Building an app that enhances these experiences can also simultaneously increase the profile and profitability of your business.

Depending on how well your app is designed, you can have analytics delivered to your marketing team through a comprehensive dashboard that tracks how your customers respond to push notifications and what promos excite them the most. While mobile apps are not the only solution to help your business thrive, the analytics provided by your app will provide you with an effective tool for gathering quantifiable information. These tools paint accurate pictures of business growth for savvy owners.

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